Our Products

Cold meat and salted meat.

  • Cold meat: chorizo, salchichón, morcón (blood sausage), solomillo, caña de lomo (cured pork loin), sobrasada (Majorcan sausage)…
  • Salted meat: panceta (bacon), jamón ibérico and paleta.

They are two long-standing Spanish words that are synonym of food and celebration. Eating is a physical need but also emotional, as we enjoy sitting down at the table with others.

In our culture, cold meats such as salchichón or chorizo have been basic food. Jamón ibérico has been, is and will be the most emblematic culinary element in all celebrations.


Paprika, black pepper, garlic, rosemary extract as an antioxidant, meat that comes from the 100 % Iberian pig, salt and the natural aroma from Sierra Morena.

All ingredients are organic.

We don’t use gluten, glucose, lactose, preservatives, food colouring or artificial additives.


All our products are cured meats.

LCuring and salting processes are two of the most traditional methods of food preservation. By using salt and air, the products lower the humidity. After that, the microflora of the product gives it a particular taste and smell.