Who we are?


We are a small family business engaged in the raising of the Iberian pig for several generations.

Our production has been exclusively ecological for more than 20 years.

We protect our land, as we think that “taking care of the Earth means taking care of Humanity”.

Not only do we measure our growth in economic terms, but also by promoting more green spaces. We need a healthy land.

 We are in favour of the public benefit economy, the sustainable development and the defence of the welfare of future generations. We think that we should add some GIH (Gross Inner Happiness) to the GDP, so that things will work better.

“We have forgotten that we ourselves are dust of the Earth”.
“Our very bodies are made up of her elements”.

Pope Francis


“We’ve got to save the world. Somebody’s children they may need it”.
(George Harrison. Beatles)
    1. To plant trees

The trees are the main source of life: they clean the air, feed the land and provide food. They also give us acorns, which are essential for obtaining a high-quality ham.

“The land itself became a tree in you, brown holm oak”.
(Antonio Machado)
  1. 2) High-quality food

Food quality is not only based on nutritional value, but some aspects such as the principle of fair trade, the animal welfare and the environmental protection have to be considered. We focus on every single aspect. As our main intention is to protect the Earth and its people, every product that we offer is clearly healthy and nourishing. From our point of view, if a product doesn’t contain any artificial additive and it has a high nutritional value, but its elaboration hasn’t followed these principles, then its quality must be questioned.

What we do

We just do the best we can.

  • Organic production.

Our production system is organic, from the land management and animal husbandry to the elaboration of our products. We don’t adopt any conventional production line, as we are organic producers exclusively.

  • Extensive/organic farming.

Extensive farming allows the animals to live freely in large plots of land. If besides this, it is also organic, animals will enjoy much more freedom.

Transgenics are forbidden in organic farming. The food has to be totally organic, animals are completely respected and the Earth is entirely protected. If we have a suitable stocking density, the contamination of water courses is prevented and the soil fertility is preserved.

Avoiding overcrowding, hygienic conditions improve and illnesses are almost nonexistent. In the event that they get sick, we use homeopathic and phytotherapeutic remedies, which offer excellent results.

One of the distinguished features of the organic production is the development of the indigenous breeds. Our pigs are one hundred per cent Iberian pigs (both the father and mother are Iberian pigs).

  • Organic hams

Apart from jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), we also offer paletas (pork shoulder), lomos (pork loins), lomito de presa (beef loin), solomillo (sirloin), chorizo (hard pork sausage), salchichón (salami-type sausage) and other products derived from a 100% Iberian pig which are elaborated by our own company.

  • Meadow and forests.

We have 700 hectares with some forest regeneration areas, which we reforest with native species in order to preserve the Mediterranean forest and maintain the continuation of the meadows.

The meadows are a good example of the balance between man and nature. For centuries, the human being has obtained resources from the Mediterranean forest without overexploiting it. In the meadows, domestic animals and human beings coexist together with a wide variety of wildlife. To preserve this coexistence, it is essential to maintain a suitable agricultural and livestock management. Without the meadows, the acorn-fed Iberian pig couldn’t exist, that is why we protect with particular interest this way of life.

The meadow comes from the Mediterranean forest and they together form the landscape where we live. Our activity affects it, so it is very important to understand our environment and act in accordance with it.

The Mediterranean forest is hardy and peaceful, it can resist extreme situations and turn scarcity into abundance. It provides the peasants with strength and elegance, just as it does with the holm oak.